Nichole Chauvin

Executive Director

Nichole Chauvin started her nursing career 11 years ago and went directly into geriatric care. With her hard work and dedication during her career, she has worked as a floor nurse, within a month was promoted as charge nurse, and went on to become an assistant director of nursing. She has held several different management positions and has experience in skilled care, behavioral management and staffing. Much like the rest of her career, Nichole’s talents stood out and she moved from floor nurse to Director of Nursing and now she holds the position of Executive Director at Francois Bend. Nichole is very passionate about the residents and the staff at Francois Bend. She strives to provide the residents with the best quality of life that can be offered. She has always been a caretaker and strives for every resident to enjoy their time in the community. She truly enjoys being a part of the Francois Bend family and the opportunity to provide our residents with life as it should be! Nichole can be reached directly at

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