Richlynn Hunt

Director of Marketing

Richlynn Hunt has worked in the senior care industry for 9 years. She started her senior living career at Francois Bend as the Assistant Marketing Director in 2019. She continued her career marketing senior living not only in Louisiana but also in Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and even Nevada.  In 2024, she returns to join the Francois Bend Family again as the Marketing Director.

She says it is her purpose in life to help seniors and their families during one of the most challenging parts of their lives, aging. She is devoted to guiding them on their ever-changing aging journey to find support, care, and love.

Richlynn holds a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology from Louisiana State University. She has held leadership roles in the Baton Rouge Aging Network and on the Alzheimer’s Association Walk Committee. She is a certified dementia practitioner and a proud volunteer for Alzheimer’s Services of the Capital Area.

She aspires to visit every state in the country and enjoys her vacations with her three children, Vivian, Ayden and Layne. Richlynn is always up for a new adventure!


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